Hamburg am 17.10.2012erster Tag des dreiundzwanzigsten Zyklus

#127 Keine Haken dran

Ghost Rider, Diana, Schlomo und B-Kart

Kreide auf Schultafel, 150 x 100 cm, gelöscht am 22.02.2013

We are the people and might as well realize it. So far, remotely done power and glory – as via science, technology, big business, media, formal education and the internet – has succeeded in the point where gross defects obscure actual gains. In response to this dilemma and to these gains a realm of intimate, personal power is developing – power of connected individuals to conduct their own education, find their own inspiration, retain their human condition, shape their own environment, and share their adventure with whoever is interested. Tools that aid this process are sought and promoted by the Trialog.

Save the world.

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